This  flex DIY rgb pixel led matrix is designed my our enginer Mr pual ,who focus on led design since 2010,,

which is used for a important costume show in Italy .the flex led matrix made up by two led panels ,

( type A and type ,which is welded with Flexibleinsulated lead wires)

which is designed to save FPCBdeveloping cost ,key specification as follow 

1)Flexible digital LED panel
2)LED: 84pcs WS2812B-Mini-V2
3)size: 11.6cm*27.4cm( W*L)
4)Electric: Dc5V, 10W every panel 42LEDs (max)
5)Panel Type A&B, welded with Flexible
insulated lead wires, 2 x AWG26 & Connector 2
poles, pitch 1.25mm

File Name: MW1901S01P00 / 20190715
1) Quality Grade Standard : IPC 2
2) Base Materials: Polyimide (PI) , Brand : DuPont PI or Domestic Shengyi PI
3) Board Thickness : 0.35mm
4) Copper Thickness : 2oz
5) Base Material Thickness : 35um (FPC)
6) Coverlay Thickness : 25um
7) Outline Fabrication : Laser cut (prototype), Die-cut (massive production)
8) Surface Finishing : Immersion Au, OSP
9) Solder Mask : black, Silk Screen: white

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