RGB piano stair led floor 

it is light off or white light on when you go away from the RGB piano led floor ,
it lights up RGB gradual change effect and play Piano rhythm when it is light up

it lights up by PIR sensor automatically. When you go away , it will turn off or keep white lught onautomatically,
which is greatly Energy saving….

specification for our RGB piano  led foor 

there are induction PIR switch at sides of each ladder if you install the RGB paino led floor on stairs ,

Package details for  belowing  RGB piano stair led floor as follow 

1: RGB piano led floor  with size 1000mmX300mmX60mm (4m long per ladder)

2: Receiver and transmitter mounted on each ladders ,20 pair in total.

3:led power supplt Dc12V  400watt 10pcs;

4: RGB piano led controller with audio decoder and audio player inside ,

5:80pcs  RGB Piano led floor with 1000mmX300mmX60mm  ( Dc24V RGB led strip ,whcih is mounted inside RGB piano )

Datesheet for the  RGB led strip : https://www.rose-lighting.com/products/5050-smd-rgb-flexible-led-strip/

The  project accessories and cost as follow;

itemPhotoP/NdecriptionunitquanityUnit price(USD)amount(USD)product specification link
1RGB  Paino led floorRGB Paino led floor size:1000mmX300mmX60mm ;outdoor use ;35watt/pcs Dc24V;meter80usd705600https://www.rose-lighting.com/products/5050-smd-rgb-flexible-led-strip/
2PIR Receiver and transmitter mounted on each ladders ,pair20usd20400
3led power supply Dc24V 400watt outputpcs10usd10100
41pcs RGB piano led controller with Audio player and Audio decoder includedpcs1usd5050

There is USB interface optional ,with sd card inside controller ,

you can download any music or audio ,play music  when light on.

Other project application 


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