ws2811 Pixel led bar light up the Grand Empire  Nightclub in Daling  china 

project address:   Grand Empire  KTV in Daling  china 

Light type:  DC12V digital pixel led  strip with aliumium profile size: 16mmX9mm( WXH)

 look for Detailed specification   here 

aliumium profile size: 18mmX9mm( WXH)

Control: H 803TV  and H801RC 

software:Led Studio (online software)

H803TV is an online master that transmits data through the DVI/HDMI interface. It has the characteristics of fast transmission speed and control of LED lamps. It can be run away from the supporting computer software, so it can connect to various operating system computers and connect to any DVI/HDMI output interface device. The copy mode is mainly used when connecting to a computer, and of course, the extended mode and dual display mode of the multi-display are also supported.
download  the datailed specification of H803TV  here please

H801RC;8 ports salve LED pixel controller;work with computer network or marster controller(H803TV or H803TC)drive 8192 pixels

download  the datailed specification of H801RC  here please

Power: 12V rainproof   power supply meanwell LRS-350-12V


download the software Ledstudio online here

Enjoy project details  here please .