Rose Lighting light up the Guigang bar to light up your  life colorful !

project address: Guigang bar in guangxi (guigang city)


1 Light type:

12V digital pixel led bar ;(used to make  Cube and Triangle arts   ;used  to light  up aisle,used to make led dance floor)

Light type:360viewing pixel led tube 30mm diamter 90 Pixels/1.5m long 90pcs sk6812 Dc5V;

(used to light up the  sky ceiling)


2:led Control:

dmx console  and K8000L( K8000L can make SPI lighting work with dmx concole directly)or try H803SA (same work)


12V rainproof   power supply


LED Main control: YM LM501 4*512 Pixel Video DMX512 LED Main Controller  (compatible with madrix,freestyle,sunlite,ect)

LED slave control

Power: 5V  power supply

software: madrix 5.0

the software: Madrix 

Download the madrix 5.0 version software here please.(software free , but need our key to open it after installing )
take noted for installling madrix.
Please uninstall other previous versions of Madrix 5.0.
       Install the main program first. After copying the patch file to the desktop program, right-click to open the software as an administrator. After opening the software, do not choose to upgrade, otherwise the software will not be opened. If you can’t open it after upgrading, you need to uninstall and reinstall it completely. Or you can uncheck the upgrade check box in the software settings.
       In Preferences, Options, Startup. If the computer has the madrix 3 software installed, you do not need to uninstall the 3 version.
Some computers can’t be turned on, you can do this,
1. Right-click to open as an administrator
Uninstall 360 Mobile Assistant, put the root directory file on the taskbar of the computer, and open it in the taskbar
2. Uninstall the anti-virus software Tencent Computer Manager and turn off the built-in anti-virus software
3. There is no graphics card option for the right-click of a single laptop
NVIDIA graphics card option changed to automatic
4. The discrete graphics card cannot be opened in the mode, and the single-machine right-click is opened with the integrated graphics card, and then update the driver or make the system again
5. When the computer turns on the effect, the up, down, left, and right arrows not bedisplayed, which is a resolution problem
6. If there is 360 software to add trust. otherwise the file will be killed


3 Light type:Pixel led disc  control by dmx console  and K8000L too

( K8000L can make SPI lighting work with dmx concole directly)

Power: 12V Ouput rainproof   power supply

enjoy the project video  click here

Project details picture