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WIFI-DMX controller transmits standard DMX512 data (with hotspot) through WIFI/Bluetooth, supports stage par light, moving head light and other controls (all lamps with DMX interface are available), output 512 channels, 1 set can be controlled more Lamps. It supports direct connection with mobile phones, router mode, input/output mode, multiple control software for mobile phones, tablets, and computers, and a Chinese version of the control app is available.


Product performance index

  1. Product name: WIFI-DMXcode writer
  2. Small size, easy to carry and use
  3. Mobile phone operation, high-end atmosphere
  4. 512 channels of standard DMX512 console data transmission.
  5. Support direct connection modes such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers.
  6. Support multiple controllers connected to router mode
  7. Input voltage: 5VDC
  8. Working protocol: 802.11 b/g/n.
  9. Wireless transmission distance: 50-100 M without wall blocking
  10. Hotspot name: WIDI-DMX-xxxxx
  11. Password: 12345678
  12. Signal interface: 3pin XLR head

And  download the app from the QR code :


MX interface with lamps:

Standard 3-pin XLR output 1: GND 2: B- 3: A+, please connect in the correct order, please do not connect to a power supply higher than 5V.

Product Features:

  1. Support as a small DMX console to control lamps.
  2. Output standard DMX protocol 512 channels.
  3. Support Art-Net protocol.
  4. Support input and output mode.
  5. Support mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices with WIFI connection.


  1. Connect the mobile phone to the controller WIFI hotspot and enter the password to connect.
  2. Working status:

lLED flashing: receiving app data mode

  1. The controller works in sending mode by default.
  2. The controller IP address is
  3. Some mobile phone control software needs to set the IP address, and then restart the APP.

 (Compatible with multiple control apps:)


  • Art-Net Controller(Android)
  • ArtNetDmxRemote(iOS)
  • Aurora DMX(Android)
  • DMX Controller / OSRAM(iOS / Android)
  • LED Remote / Arzani(iOS / Android)
  • ArtNetRemote / light factory(iOS / Android)
  • Freestyler(Windows)
  • Jinx! LED Matrix Control(Windows)
  • Lightning Pad / Alcorn Mc Bride Inc.(iOS /Android)
  • LED Lab(iOS)
  • Photon(iPAD)
  • Vibrio(iOS)
  • Lighting Pad(IOS)
  • Luminair3 (iOS)
  • RunTheShow(iOS /Android)
  • QLC+(Mac/Windows/Linux)
  • Run The Show(iOS)
  • LightKey(iOS)
  • Touch OSC(iOS)
  • Light Rider(iOS /Android)



  • ²The controller cannot be repaired privately. Return to the manufacturer when repairs are needed.

Download the detaied specification here please



wifi dmx box with batttery inside with APP support artnet led controller Control WS2812B LED Pixel with bluetooth function optional


there is detailed user manual


with battery inside Type

there is detailed user manual