DIY RGBW controller with RF remote BC354

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DIY RGBW controller with RF remote BC354

  1. DIY RGBW controller with RF remote
  2. Rotary knob RGBW controller with RF remote
  3. RGBW controller with LCD display

Welcome to use this RGBW controller, it is a universal high-performance power controller for entire color changing which adopted PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) controlling technology. Controls all common anode constant voltage RGBW LED light, such as RGBW full color LED module, LED strip, LED SMD tape, etc. It can be controlled by the RF remote within the effective area no matter the direction and obstacles.

Function and Feature:

  1. Automatically adapted input voltage DC12V-24V.
  2. 37 changing modes such as skipping,smooth,etc., RGB 4096 grey scale levels each.
  3. The LED digital tube indicates current mode, speed and brightness, very straightforward.
  4. 4 dimming rotary knobs, conforms to the special treatment of human eye’s feature,can DIY your favorite color.
  5. Save your DIY color Automatically, can be adjusted by remote control.
  6. Over current protection and short circuit protection.
  7. Work with power repeater,the power can be amplified unlimitedly.


MODELRotary RGBW controller
Input voltageDC12V-24V
Output current5A/4CH
Output power240W(12V)/480W(24V)
Scale levels4096 level X 4
Speed level16 levels
Brightness level16 levels
Remote control distance30m with obstacle, 60m without obstacle