DMX512 Signal Amplifier BC812


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DMX512 Signal Amplifier BC812

  1. 2 channels DMX512 signal amplifier
  2. LCD display 2 channels DMX512 signal power repeater

Welcome to use the DMX512 signal amplifier, which is developed for shaping and enlargement the attenuated of the DMX512 signal after the long-distance transmission.

It has two output channels; there is optical isolation between the input and output, each interface has an independent electrical isolation, there is wrong wiring protection at DMX input and output port, to avoid the interference to the DMX512 control system, guarantee the DMX signal can transmit to all the lighting control equipment, and improving the overall reliability of digital lighting control system.

Feature function:

  1. Working voltage from DC12V-DC24V.
  2. Optical isolation between the input and output port.
  3. Input and output standard DMX512 signal.
  4. Amplify the DMX512/1990 signal and extend signal transmission distance.
  5. One input channel, two independent electrical isolation signal output channels.
  6. Isolation voltage 3000VDC.
  7. Wrong wiring protection at DMX input and output port.


Product parameter

ModeDMX signal amplifier
Input voltageDC12V-24V
Input signalDMX512/1990
Output signalDMX512/1990
Input/output channelOne input channel,two output channels
Input/output isolated voltage3000VDC
DMX512 signal socketTerminal block
Product DimensionL176XW46XH30(mm)

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