Fastest rgb pixel led ribbon HD107s with  27KHZ refresh rate and Max 40M bps transmission speed 30pixels/m 60pixels/m


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fastest rgb pixel led  ribbon HD107s with  27KHZ refresh rate and 40M bps transmission speed
How about try fastest perfect digital  pixel led  HD107s to light up your  projects colorful?
it is a update of apa102 led,which is  Absolutely a best perfect pixel led  to replace apa102 /sk9822 LED ..
bec it is much more stable and faster and energy saving .
1, CLK+Data double wire transfer.
2, PWM refresh rate can be +27kHz
3, Max transfer speed is 40M bps
4, And HD107S with built-in sleep function, no work no electric consumption, very good for battery-powered application,
5,HD107s Led lights up more brightness ,large lighting beam,,
6, 8 bits and 16bits  optional
7,Hongqi brand 2OZ PFCB(35um cooper)with double cooper layer,
8,2 sides membrane cover the PFCB.Make sure the copper no drop from the pcb board ,
Below is video  of  HD107s VS  apa102 led ,please appreciate ,

Product Technical parameter

Color:Full Color RGB

LED Quantity: 30/60/72/96/144 leds per meter

Size: 5000*10*2.5(mm)/12mm optional

View angle:120°

Working Input Voltage: 5V

Drive Mode:Constant Voltage

pixel pitch 33.33mm/16.66mm/… 6.94mm

white/black PCB with width 5mm/10mm /12mm optional

PCB: 2.0ounce thickness board with 35um copper,(4OZ optional )

Double cooper layer with double sides membrane cover the PCB board

Packaging: 5m/roll or customized length available

Waterproof  & Dimension:

Waterproof IP grade :IP20 Non-waterproof with 3M sticker on the back, Size:5000*5*1.5mm

IP65 waterproof is silicone gel on the surface,Size:5000*5*1.5mm

IP67: silicone tube,Size:5000*7*3mm

IP68: silcone gel inside silicone tube.Size:5000*7*3mm



Click here to download the technical specification please

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