2020 Home improvement lighting new trendy,Step stairs and running water sensor led strip light



Stairs sensor  light, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Simply , it is installed in the stairs or in the aisle. If someone passes by,

it  lights up by PIR sensor  automatically. When you go away , it will  turn off, automatically, which  is greatly Energy saving..

There are many solutions for stair sensor lights, which one do you like?


solution one : Trasitional floor stair light 


solution two: floor stair light up   when you step  on  and on 



the Gravity sensors are too expensive, the circuit is complicated, and the installation work is hard .

Generally, it is rarely used on stairways. Only used in special occasions like floor ..

According to the length of the stairs on each floor, infrared reflection or opposite type  is generally adopted.

For narrow staircases, infrared reflection is used to detect human feet.

For staircases with a cross width of more than 2 meters, theOpposite Type is used. The reflection distance is closer to dao,

the construction is convenient when the distance is close for  infrared reflection Type ,

the construction is more troublesome, and ask wiring  at both ends when the distance is far away for Opposite Type .

you can make speaker  with music( (such as piano note sounds) for infrared reflection  method ,

it makes the artistic conception more elegant and soft,Accompanied by sound and light,


solution three: there are induction switch at ends ,can set customzed ideal programs , there are 6 programs inside,  Switchable。




Solution 4: stairs  step and running water  combination light system  suit



we researcheded and developed the system ,which used our customized digital 2835  white led strip 120leds/m  120 chanenels /M .the led strip can be mounting with aliumiumn profiles or silicone neon  tube to used indoor or outood ,to make different good looks and meet different application.

We have solved the problem of pre-embedded wire ,,which exist for this industy for many years,easy to install ,

our  stair light system suits wwill be officially launched on June 18, 2020,

It adopts two newly-developed products of human induction and precise  Opposite Type .

look forward your attention and support .

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