Rose Lighting Pixel led bar light up  the Romantical Restaurant to attract your eyes to light up your life colorful!

This project is located in conghua in guangzhou  city ,named  the romantical love you restaurant


1.Led strip we use .Dc12V ws2811 5050 RGB pixel led strip ,which is moutned in the 20mm 20mm size aluminium profile

Quanitty: 340meter   in total  6800Pixels (each meter has 20 Pixels)


2.Controller system .

1 )  1 set H803TC  master controller 

It can control more than 400000 Pixels ,so it is really a ncie choice for big project .

And iys upport controlled by DVI/HDMI, then your engineer no need to design the program any more,just take the video to the controller, then it works.

Generally , it can control many many pixels, and save time and costs for engineer team.  you can recoder the animation files from madrix software to play animation in live ,too


2)3 sets H801RC slave controller.

It is a salve controller controlled by H803TV , and connect each other by net wire .

It has 8 ports, and each port can control 1024 pixels in Maximum , in order to keep the fast data transfer speed , make the animation effect smooth ,we do not use the 1024 Pixels capacity in 100%,

We just let ech port control 540 Pixels, just 18 meters SK6812 strip for this project . In this case , each set H801RC control: 8*540=4320Pixels.

So we totally use: 92400/4320=21.38, 22 sets salve controller .


3) Project use Dc12V  400watt led power supply rainproof

Quantity :20pcs


H803TC Master controller :

H803TC Master Controller LED Online/Offline Pixel Lights Controller Drive 170000 Pixels Work With H802RA H801RC Slave Controller

H803TC Master Controller LED Online/Offline Pixel Lights Controller Drive 170000 Pixels Work With H802RA H801RC Slave Controller


(1). H803TC can work with PC(online mode), SD card(offline mode) or DMX console. (2). H803TC drives maximum 170000 pixels,

2 ports control maximum 255 slave controllers.

(3). Slave controllers include H802RA and H801RC.

(4). You can set address for DMX512 chips with H803TC.

(5). H803TC transmits data based on Ethernet Protocol.

(6). Use four buttons or PC to switch files, set play mode, speed and brightness.

(7). SD card supports FAT32, FAT16 format, maximum capacity is 64G bytes, stores up to 64 DAT files.

More details :


H801RC salve controller :

1. Eight output ports drive maximum 8192 pixels. Each port controls maximum 8192 divided by number of using ports pixels. Port number could be one, two, four, or eight.
2. Working online or offline, H801RC can be connected to computer, master controller, switch or photoelectric converter.
3. High synchronization performance, the transmission of adjacent slave controller delays within 400 ns, t
4. Far transmission distance. Signal transmitted based on standard Ethernet protocol and the nominal transmission distance up to 100 meters.
5. Can connect the fiber optical converter directly

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And they can control ic chip :

LPD6803,LPD8806,LPD6813, LPD1109,DMX512,TLS3001, TLS3002,TM1812,TM1809, TM1804,TM1803,DMX512, WS2801,WS2803,WS2811, P9813, SM16716,UCS6912, UCS1903,UCS1909,UCS1912,DM412,DM413,DM114,DM115,DM13C, DM134, DM135, DM136,74HC595,6B595,MBI5001,MBI5168,MBI5016,MBI5026,MBI5027,TB62726,TB62706,ST2221A,ST2221C,XLT5026,ZQL9712,ZQL9712HV,etc.



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