TV Ambient Lighting System for HDMI Devices


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Ambient TV Kit for HDMI Devices Dream Screen 4K HDTV Computer Backlight Background Lighting USB WS2812B LED Strip Full Set

This is a kit to add ambient light to your TV, up to 120” – all required parts are included.

This is a low power dedicated device that requires no separate PC or Raspberry Pi, etc.

Dynamic Light is displays the side colors of the screen, in realtime behind your TV.

Ambient lighting can also be used to increase levels of immersion by syncing with what’s happening on your screen.Withsuch adaptive illumination, eyes become less tired when viewed in thedark, the presence effect is enhanced, the image viewing area extends,
etc. to create an immersive multimedia experience. Ambilight is
applicable not only to video and photo content, but also to games.


The system does not support the internal TV tuner and internal smart apps.This
kit is designed for anyone who uses their TV with an external HDMI
source, such as a SAT / cable receiver, TV Box, Xbox, Playstation 4,
SWITCH … With several HDMI devices, the HDMI cable must be reconnected
by hand.


Sync with screen,

Sound and light rhythm,

Soft lighting,

Dream rainbow,

Static monochrome,

Monochrome breathing,

Light chase

Assembly and installation:

Theinstallation and setup takes only about 10 minutes and requires no
expertise or a soldering iron, because everything is already wired and
provided with plugs. Everything is already finished and ready to be
mounted.All products are specially configured, soldered and extensively tested for function.Your TV can stand normally on a TV table or be mounted with a wall mount.

Youshould only make sure that the TV is about 5-15cm from the wall,
because the wall serves as a reflector and therefore the wall should be

The package includes: