DIY removable flexible silicone 192X16 RGB pixel panel for outdoor


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DIY removable flexible silicone RGB pixel diaplay for outdoor you can write any letter or patterns. usded for outdoor removable advertisement or signs

There are so light ,so slight, easy to operate and easy to install ,seamless connection light:

weight :1005g(NW)
2. so slight :

the thickness:6mm soft/flexible 

the display can be bendable and rolled up

4: so smart 

Install the device for client ,connnect the wife of the device, can achieve videos ,patterns, text/letter by phone ,Ipad,PC with  wireless wife connection. easy to install
Simple installation structure
6.seamless connection 

7,removable ,

can be used for removeable sign, advertisement ,

8:waterproof ,

Pure silicone coating make waterrpoof Ip67 for outdoor .

Specifications of 192X16 flexible led display

192X6 display  structure3pcs module make seamless connection

192X16 display

Module (pixels quatity)64 PixelsX16Pixels
Module size(mm)324mm(W)X120mm(H)wifi control methodcotrol by app with Ipad ,phone,PC
Pixel Pitch5mm (Horizontal)5mm(vertical)Power  for module( max)2.5W
Pixel Configuration1R1G1BLED Package ModeSMD 3IN1 -2121
Pixel Resolution64dots(W)*16 dots(H)Max Power of module25W
waterproofwaterproof Ip 67 for outdoor usematerialpure silicone ( anti UV,flexible)
Quantity of module3pcsdisplay  size(mm)965mm(W)×120mm(H)
display Pixel Resolution192×16Max Power of display7.5W


Video show




used for outdoor advertsing ,sign,