fastest addressable 8/16bits HD107s pixel led strip (a replacement of APA102/APA102/SK9822)

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fastest addressable 8/16bits HD107s pixel led strip  (a replacement of APA102/APA102/SK9822)

Led type: HD107s  5050 SMD RGB LED
IC type: HD107s
PCB Width:10mm
Led lighting angle: 120°
LED Q’ty: 30leds/m, 48ledes/m, 60led/sm, 72leds/m, 96leds/m, 144leds/m
IP Rating IP20, IP65, IP67, IP68.
Single-flow, gradient, chase, scan and other full-color effects;
Splicing to achieve text movement and video animation and other dynamic effects;
Can be bend and cut, can achieve a certain curvature and length of the modeling screen;
1 LED 1 IC, individual controlled, can be made into high-density high-definition display;


1.PWM refresh rate: >26kHz, (apa102 with PWM frequency20KHZ,apa107with9KHz, sk9822 with 4.7kHZ,sk6812/ws2811 with 400HZ,)

2.HD107S LED with less voltage drop and one roll(5meters)can be powered with one power input without color difference,

3.The HD107s LED is low consumption, high enery saving than apa102, sk9822 LED,

4.2unce PCB board with double cooper layer(hongqi brand 35um copper )

5.doublesides membrane cover the pcb board. make sure the copper no drop from the pcb board

6. It comes in 1 meters per reel with 4Pin female/male JST SM connector on both end and separated Power / Ground Wires . Customized length is workable .

7. Flexible PCB material . ever 1 LEDcan be cut ,

8. 30/60/72/144LEDs/M . 5V low voltage inputted , don’t over 6V , otherwise you will destroy the entire strip .

9. Controller System:SD controller , DMX controller , Artnet and so on .(SPI protocel)

10. Installing : screw+silicon clipand 3M adhesive on back side for sticky


5m/roll 60rolls/ carton carton size: 48cm*48cm*28cm  GW: 12.5kg with nonwaterproof Ip20


Connection Diagram


All kinds of Pixel LED chip difference as follow

Chipsettype = LEDTYPE.DATA (R6)CLK (R7)Color BitsData RatePWM Rate
APA102(original type)APA102820Mbps20khz
sk6812sk68128800k bps800 HZ


The difference of HD107s pixel led compatible pixel led 

HD107s pixel led chip with PWM refresh Rate 27KHZ and transmission rate 40MHZ
Apa107 pixel led chip with PWM refresh rate 9KHZ and transmission rate 30MHZ
original apa102 pixel led chip with PWM refresh rate 20KHZ and transmission rate 20MHZ (Gone)
app102C (made in china ) (fake apa102)
sk9822 pixel led chip with PWM refresh rate 4.7KHZ and transmission rate 15MHZ (fake apa102)



HD107s 3535-RGB/HD107s 5050 -RGB /HD107s 2020- RGB all available 

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