digital RGB pixel led display P10 APA102 led pixel rgb led matrix 16×16 8X32 8X24 8X8


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digital RGB pixel led display P10 APA102 led pixel rgb led matrix 16×16 8X32 8X24 8X8

1. These bendable 16*16 APA102c digital led matrixs are an easy way to cadd complex lighting effects to a dispaly project.

Each APA102C led has an integrated driver that allows you to control the color and brightness of each LED independently.

2. The combined LED/drive IC on these led digital matrix is the extremely compact APA102c in a 5050-size LED pacakge, which enables higher LED densities.

3. In contrast to the WS2812B led matrix, APA102c RGB led digital matrix uses a standard SPI signal (with separate DAT and CLK signals)

and has no specific timing requirements, making the APA102c led martixs are much easier to control.

4.  Arranged in an 16×16 APA102c led matrix, each pixel is individually addressable

5. APA102C LED matrixs uses a much higher PWM frequency for controlling each colro channel –20 KHz PWM rate ,

comared to 400 Hz on the WS2812B. As a result, the APA102c  led matrix transmission signal speed much faster than the ws2812b led matrixs.

In addition, the APA102c LED matrixs proides a 5-bit (32 level) color- brightness adjustment.

Product features
Product namedigital Pixel led display P10 APA102 led pixel rgb led matrix 16×16
LED qty256 pcs individually addressable APA102C LEDs
Emitting color24-bit color control (8-bit PWM per channel); 16.8 million colors per pixel

5-bit (32 level) brightness adjustment

Signal protoclTwo-wire SPI signal digital control interface ( DAT, CLK)
LED chipIntegrated APA102C
Current8A on bright white
Dimension160*160*mm size, 2.5mm thickness
Pixel pithc10mm
IPBendable, IP20, only for indoor use
Board colorBlack for now
Sample codeExample code available for Arduino, AVR,mbed,etc
ControllerSupport Arduino, T1000s, DMX512, Raspberry pi, Glediator ,etc


 Compare for 8*8, 16*16 and 8*32 APA102c LED digital matrix display

ProductAPA102C 8*8 led matrixAPA102C 16*16 led matrixAPA102C 8*32 led matrix
operating voltageDC5VDC5VDC5V
Watt / matrix15.4W61.4W61.4W
APA102C LEDs density64 LEDs per matrix256 LEDs per matrix256 LEDs per matrix
Emittong colorRGB digitalRGB digitalRGB digital
Bare board dimension80 * 80 * 2.5mm160 * 160 * 2.5mm80 * 320 * 2.5mm
Pixel pitch10mm10mm10mm
Standard packing1pcs/ anti-static bag1pcs/ anti-static bag1pcs/ anti-static bag


Pixel APA102 RGB LED Dot Matrix 8×32 LED Module Display P10

SPI signal :LED strip+ LED power  supply +led controller

DMX  control :LED strip + LED power supply+DMX controller +DMX decoder
LED controller :T-series SD card controller ,RF remote controller .DMX controller,Arduino………(off line /PC online)
LED power supply :Meanwell power supply ,T- series ,A-series …. (waterproof /non-waterproof )
wire define: Red: Dc5V+   Blue: Data Green: Clock  Black: GND