WS2812B WS2812 sk6812 5050 RGBW Neo Pixel LED Ring set with Integrated Drivers inside each led Dc5V

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Neo Pixel RGBW led  Ring Set (241 LEDs)

Based on sk6812 5050 RGBW LEDs

sk6812 led  based NeoPixel ring modules contain 241 pcs 5050 RGB LEDs on tiny circular PCBs.

There are a total of 9 PCB rings setup as follows:

  • 1 Ring with  1  sk6812 LEDs (10mm diameter)
  • 1 Ring with 8 sk6812 LEDs (30mm diameter)
  • 1 Ring with 12 sk6812 LEDs (50mm diameter)
  • 1 Ring with 16 sk6812 LEDs (70mm diameter)
  • 1 Ring with 24 sk6812 LEDs (90mm diameter)
  • 1 Ring with 32 sk6812 LEDs (110mm diameter)
  • 1 Ring with 40 sk6812 LEDs (130mm diameter)
  • 1 Ring with 48sk6812 LEDs (150mm diameter)
  • 1 Ring with 60 sk6812 LED (170mm diameter)

Example Code:

We have a page dedicated to the setup, connection, and software necessary to drive a NeoPixel Ring set directly from an Arduino ATTiny85.


There are four connections to each ring.

  • VCC: Power input (4v to 7v DC)
  • GND: Common Ground connection for signal and power
  • IN: Input signal from your control processor
  • OUT: Output to chain to next module

Each ring can operate on their own or connect in a string.

Uses only one microcontroller pin to control as many as you can chain together! Each LED is addressable as the driver chip is inside the LED.


1. DC5V Working Voltage. Inlcuding 1led/8led/ 12led/16led/24/led/32led/40led/48led/60led. the Power is 0.24w/1.92w/2.88w/3.84w/5.76w/7.68w/9.6w/11.52/14.4

2.IC Chip: sk6812ic inside.RGBW Color. can control By bloothtooth controller or SD card controller.get Flashing effect.

3.Round shape with 3Pin connector.install easily.

4.INDIVIDUAL ADDRESSABLE: Each LED is addressable as the driver chip is inside the LED. So each pixel can have its own color and brightness as your wish.

5.COLORFUL:256 brightness display and full 24-bit color display. Each LED can have its own  color and brightness. You can control each LED individually and set it to any color or animation  you want.

6.PROGRAMMABLE:Works great with Raspberry Pi or Arduino or T-1000S controller and is easy to program. Can appear colorful lighting effect with sk6812 controller.

7.IDEAL for DIY : Amazing led ring, you can use this to DIY whatever you can imagine.


1. decotative lights, back lights, cabinet lights, edge light, architectural lights for corridor, canopy, archway, lights for path
and contour marking; etc.
They can be a good choice for lights for hotels, restaurants, night clubs, coffee / wine bars, shopping malls,
various shops, cinemas, beauty centers, office fronts, even lights for household kitchens or living rooms, etc.

Specification of 6 pcs rings 

Modelsk6812-1leds8leds12leds16leds24leds32leds   40leds   48leds  60leds
Power0.3W2.4W3.6W4.8W7.2W9.6W    9.6w   11.52w   14.4w
Led ColorRGB+W, white :3000K  4000K 6000K 6500K optional
Inner Diameter10mm16mm36mm56mm76mm96mm
Outer Diameter12mm32mm52mm72mm92mm112mm  130mm  150mm 170mm
WaterproofIP20,no waterproof
InstallationDouble outlet-100mm,use the screw to installation.





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