DC5V Individually Addressable 5050 RGB IP65 Waterproof HD107s LED Strip

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DC5V  Individually Addressable 5050 RGB IP65 Waterproof HD107s LED Strip

Key specification

Fastest pixel  rgb  LED Strip
Led type:HD107s  5050 SMD LED
IC type: HD107s
PCB Width:10mm
Led lighting angle: 120°
LED Qty: 30leds/m, 60leds/m, 72leds/m, 96leds/m, 144leds/m
IP Rating IP20, IP65, IP67, IP68.
Single-flow, gradient, chase, scan and other full-color effects;
Splicing to achieve text movement and video animation and other dynamic effects;
Can be bend and cut, can achieve a certain curvature and length of the modeling screen;
1 LED 1 IC, individual controlled, can be made into high-density high-definition display;


  • It is a  Creative breakthrough success  for Pixel LED career, PWM refresh rate: 28kHz and transmission speed (Date rate)  40Mkbps(40000Kbps)
  • HD107S with Date Rate 40Mkbps(40000Kbps)
  • HD107sLED with less voltage drop VS apa102/sk9822 LED and other LEDS,
  • one roll(5meters)can be powered with one power input without color difference,
  • The HD107s LED with higher energy saving than apa102 sk6812,
  • Pure copper bracket and 9999% Gold wire for HD107Pixel LED chip
  • The HD107sled lights up looks like linear lighting ,large lighting beam
  • CMOS process, low voltage, low consumption
  • Synchronization of two-way
  • Choose positive output or negative RGB three-color LED output
  • 256 Gray scale(8bits)
  • Build-20ma constant current outputWith self-detection signal build in support for continuous oscillation PWM output, can be maintained static screen.

Controller system:

1.Offline controllers, online controller work with computer,Such as LEDedit,
2.DMX console ,
3.Madrix software & map and any other artnet software.
4.Also the singlechip,such as the Arduino.
Waterproof  Type 

IP20 non waterproof:3M sticker on the back, easy installation.
IP65 waterproof: Silcone gel or epoxy on the surface,3M sticker on the back.
IP67 waterproof: Silicone tube, equipped with card buckle and screw.
IP68 waterproof: Silicone gel or epoxy inside silicone tube,equipped with card buckle and screw.


Widely used for decoration use, hotels, clubs, shopping malls,night bar, disco
Architectural decorative lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting
Extensively applied in Backlighting, concealed lighting, channel letter lighting
Emergency & security lighting, advertisement sign lighting
Decorative lights for holiday, event, show exhibition
Applicable for automobile and bicycle decoration, border or contour lighting