ws2811 sm16703p dmx512 DC24V Foldable 25mm 6pcs 2427 Led Grid Screen for Building Led Mesh Media Facade 720pixels with layout 90pixels X8 pixels for russia govement project


1.DIY electronic production.

2.Advertising ,Display.
3.Dance floor decoration.
4.DJ background,DJ Table ,Stage floor etc.

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ws2811 sm16703p dmx512 DC24V flexible  Foldable 25mm Led Grid Screen for Building Led Mesh Media Facade 720pixels with layout 90pixels X8 pixel

In total 111pcs ,  79920 Pixels in total ,used for a mesh building facade lighting in Russia 

Product Parameter



    Voltage    DC24V
    LED control    SM16703                 |  dmx512 optional
    LED Qty/Module    6leds/module
    diamater    25mm
  layput   90Pixels X8Pixels with size  4.5mX0.5m
   Housing Body    PVC injection coating
    Power    1.2W/PCS
    IP    IP 67
  LED Type    2427 RGB led
    connector   3pin JST female and male connector


SM16703P IC chipset ( spi protocel)  , dmx512 control  optional

Support customize the color, pitch, and Support all different control system
Its products include LED video displays / Led Mesh Screen for facade lighting,entertainment lighting, bridge lighting and events lighting (staging and rental) and trade show industries.
It also has the functiion for outdoor LED billboards and message board for advertising field.
1.Flexible mounting system allows for customized solutions
2.Local integral in-built diagnostics tool
3. High brighesss with 6pcs  2427 RGB led inside
4.Pixel-level brightness and color calibration for optimal image quality
5.DVI/SPI/RDM/DMX controllable (automatic protocol detection)
6.Intuitive mapping and addressing via  LED System Controller
7.Combined power/data input over signal cable
8.Supported by integrated power and data processor and simple cabling system

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Outdoor building outline ,bridge ,ect