the analysis of possibilities for the faulty pixel led lamp


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the analysis of possibilities for the faulty pixel led lamp 

this is our 46meter waterproof Ip 68 pixel RGB  led strip with HD107s in  Oct in 2019


as we know all there is full silicone gel covering the led strip to make the Ip68 , the silicone is possible to make Physicochemical reaction after some years,

When the lamp is damp, there is water vapor in the lamp bead. When it is light up, the lamp bead heats up and the wire is broken, and the heat expands and shrinks.

Nowadays, the most common problem is that the lamp beads are damp and cause the lamp to die.

The 5050 lamp beads are the most susceptible to moisture, so take a batch of lamp beads and use it up, don’t open it up there.

The arc of the red solder wire is not adjusted properly, the temperature inside is too high and the wire is broken

If the positive and negative wires of the IC are broken, it will not light up.

there is 6 pin solding pad for Pixel led  RGB lamp , there is positive electrode, a negative electrode, two signal lines, and two clock lines.

it is difference from our normal RGB led  lamp  with 4 branches,

one pad is broken ,all RGB color  donot light up ,



受潮,灯珠里面有水蒸汽,点亮的时候灯珠发热把线拉断了 ,热涨冷缩






如果亮都亮,如果不亮都不亮  它不像普通RGB,分开4路的


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