360viewing 22mm dimater flex silicone neon pixel led tube ws2811 (black silicone tube )


. Outdoor Illumination, indoor decoration,

. DIY household lights of hallways, stairs

. Coffee/wine bars, furniture light

. Architectural decoration,
.  Christmas lighting.


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 360viewing 22mm dimater flex silicone neon pixel led tube ws2811 (black silicone tube )

ws2811 pixel 3535 RGB  led strip Dc12V 48 pixels 144leds/m with 7mm widh  inside  the silicone neon tube

( two pcs led stirp inside the silicone tube to make 360 viewing )


 360viewing 22mm dimater flex silicone neon pixel led tube ws2811 (black silicone tube )

Model RL-STR-ws2811-3535 RGB-144-12v
LED Type5050 rgb
Warranty3 years
Working VoltageDC12V
FPCB Width7mm
Lamp Chip Brandsanan
LED Quantity120leds/M
Cutting Unitevery  3LED can be cut as a individual part
Brightness for each 3535 led2100MCD
Lamp QualityPure copper base and gold wire
IC Typews2811 ( 48Pixels per meter) 2pcs strip is 96pixels per meter
360 beam  viewingtwo led strip inside the 22mm dimater silicone tube ( back to back)
ColorRGB addressable
waterproof GradeIP67 waterproof 

click below for detailed speicifcation for the 7mm width ws2811 pixel led strip 144leds 48pixels/m


Below is our  360viewing 22mm silicone neon tube 



Advantage of silicone flex led tube 

1. there is no dark area and No light spot  for all type of  flex silicone Neon LED tube series,
2. it can be folded and bent without problem.
3. Easy to be installed and transported .
4. applied well in all kinds of High-end venue and outdoor use (Ip rate: 67)
5. take the advantage of unique optical technique and special housing design ,

it increases the intensity and uniformity of light greatly ,anti UV silicone coating ,

no color change outside within 3 years warranty
6. all series belong to low voltage flex led strip,voltage varies from DC5V-DC24v,

can be cut at 1led,3led,6leds to make a individual part.
7. various designed end caps for different project
8. Packing : Static bag seal packing(locking static bag + moisture-proof desiccant)
9. 5m/reel(length can be customized as the customer requirements)



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