Dmx512 flexible RGB led wall washer

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Dmx512 flexible RGB led wall washer


Using TPU material, anti-yellowing, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, good flexibility; PU glue potting, strong adhesion, good durability, high reliability;

It can replace the traditional hardware wall washer or LED light bar, with small size, light weight and flexibility; flexible application and easy installation; a variety of beam angles are available,

Suitable for different environments/locations; full color, with the control system, it can realize water flow, horse racing, shooting star rear-end, chase and other pattern changes; compatible with DMX512 (1990) protocol,

Adopt RS485 signal trunk and signal differential transmission mode.

采用TPU材质,抗黄变,耐高温抗腐蚀、耐弱酸碱,柔软性好; PU胶灌封,粘接性强、耐久性佳,可靠性高;

可以代替传统的硬体洗墙灯或LED灯条,尺寸小、重量轻、可弯曲;应用灵活,安装简便; 多种束光角可选,

适用于不同环境/场所需求; 全彩,配合控制系统可实现流水、跑马、流星追尾、追逐等等花样变化; 兼容DMX512(1990)协议,




Download the detailed specifcation for One color or dual white flexible led wash washer here please




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