Dc12V color sync with TV/ PC screen digital led strip kit model GL-SN-002K


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Dc12V color sync with TV/ PC screen digital led strip kit model GL-SN-002K

🔷 Color SYNC: The light strip will be synchronized according to the screen.

🔷 Immersive Experience: Give you a different experience.

🔷 Default Modes: The light changes with the screen.

🔷 Sound Modes: The lighting changes with the rhythm of the music.

🔷 Scene Modes: Choose the right scene mode according to your preferences.

🔷 TUYA Smart: Download the “Tuya Smart” APP to synchronize the HDMI SYNC Box.

🔷 Mobile APP Control: Mobile APP, one-key switch.

🔷 GELEDOPTO Custom Light Strip: Strong and durable, bright colors

🔷 High Quality Lamp Beads: The lamp beads are more durable and safer.

🔷 Applicable TV Size 46″~60″: Cover every edge customized for 46″-60″TV.

🔷 Input interface: Connect to the PS, Switch, and other games devices, computers,

laptops, TV box, other HDMI devices. SET-TOP BOX, XBOX.

1.灯光随画面同步变化,支持游戏机  机顶盒 电脑等HDMI设备
2Tuya智能生活APP控制,沉浸式光影体验  声光律动  灯光追逐  柔光照明等都可以轻松实现
4.适用于60寸以下的电视机,延时低,4K 30HZ,如果需要更高频率可以购买一个分线器。
5.DC12V ,配置2条2M幻彩灯带,


☆ The sync box can support up to 4K/30P source. If you need to use it to display higher

level video sources, you can use a Selector Switch Box to convert it.
☆ You can reset to restore the factory setting to start again if there is any problem or

failure in connection.
☆ If the color is not correct, you can try to unplug the backlight box and then plug it in