Artnet nework wif spi dmx led controller


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Artnet nework wif spi dmx led controller


1) support standard TCP/IP  WIFI nework  Protocel;

2)support Open Art-Net and our  FQ512Net lighting protocol,achieving wifi wireless high speed tranmission for dmx512 lighting control data;

3)support update or new developing, we supply window and Andriod platform ‘s Development library and examples (window; VC;C#;VB Andriod ;Jave);

4)Support 2 ports  SPI signal ,whcih  Mutual backup output, 68o  Pixels (RGB Type) and  support 1 port standard dmx512 (512 channels) output ,

dmx port can be set as definied part output ,this make spi and dmx setting  Independent control (SPI support 512 pixels (RGB type) +1 port dmx signal  512 channels ),

then you can  individually control spi lighting and standard dmx512 lighting at same time ;

5)suppor spi/TTL chipset ,such as ws2811/ws2812/ws2813/ws2818/ws2815/ucs1903/ucs2903/sm16703;

6)support  three Types wife mode ,app  wifi data direct connection mode; STA -router  Mode; AP- STA  mixed connection mode ,

can meet all kinds of application ;

7)supporting  Web page settings and IP nework lighting settting tool ,to set paramater and make test ,web page settting support chinese and english language ;

8)supporting two working mode:  Nework -dmx512 model )Net0dmx) control Stage lighting;

dmx512-newwork tranmission mode ( DMX-Net) ,can make 3D Pattern and newwork transmission .ect ;

9)supporting setting wifi data , and webpage loging password,support 1 Buttom  set to make  evertything same as factort original setting ;

10)support stage lighting and interenatioanl standard dmx512 protocel , supplying512 channels input and output ( two working modes);

11)there is stable wifi chipset  and high sppeed Processor chip inside, It can tranmit high speed dmx512 signal  with help of hardware and software;

12)There are Two-color indicator,to distinguish the working mode and Communication status;

13)there are Overvoltage and short circuit protection,to make sure hardware stable and reliable ;

14)support two power port: DC5V and  DC6-40V ;

15)wife data AP mode supporting transmission distance within 50-100meters ;

STA model ,the tranmssion distance related to router’s coverage;

16 supporting Phone ,ipad , d\PC.  all types pf Art-new Programming lighting software ;

supoorting lighting software as follow 

FQ512( windows)

Freestyler( windows

Q light controller ( Max/windows,Linux)

madrix ( windows)

MA2 On PC Emulator

Tiger TT touching Emulator

Pearl 2004 

Art-new contrroller ( android iphone and Android Ipad)

DMX controller (IOS/android)

Jinx! LED matrix control ( windows)




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