How to design the pre-embedded line of the Symphony ?

It is convenient for post-maintenance and the best effect of series construction light.

How to design the pre-embedded line of the Symphony? It is convenient for post-maintenance and the best effect of series construction light

The pre-embedded line of the magic color is a very important step. There are three main ideas:




补电,一个变压器400W 可以带25-30米灯带,由于灯带铜箔过载电流限制,会出现比较大的压降,所以要从变压器拉出好几根线到灯带的0-10-20米的地方补电,这会用到比较多的预埋线。

For power supply, a transformer of 400W can carry 25-30 meters of light strips. Due to the overload current limit of the copper foil of the light strip, there will be a relatively large voltage drop, so you need to pull out several wires from the transformer to the 0-10-20 of the light strip. The place where the meter is charged will use more pre-embedded wires.

  1. The network cable and signal mainly consider where the controller (sub-controller) is placed, and then the eight lines go out to the light strips in eight directions. Each group is independent. We recommend that the distance between the controller port and the light strip does not exceed 15 meter to avoid other disturbances. The distance from the port to the light strip is short, and other parallel lines can also be used instead. It is best to use the offline socket method to facilitate later maintenance.


    The problem of series and parallel, we have seen many venues, which are well designed, but due to unprofessional construction,

    all are connected in parallel. Parallel connection will cause more interference problems for products, and the most important point is that it is difficult to achieve good results. , the overlapping signal points can only be run smoothly, and Party A will be very dissatisfied. All of our recommendations are in series, which saves controllers and works best.

  2. 串联和并联的问题,我们见过很多场地,设计得很好,但是由于施工不专业,全部搞成了并联,并联会产品比较多的干扰问题,而且最重要的一点很难做出好的效果,重叠的信号点只能走点跑马流水,甲方会很不满意。我们所有的建议都是串联,这样省控制器并且效果最佳。

Our extensive engineering experience tells us that post-maintenance is a very important job, we had better consider the simplicity of post-maintenance,

and the pre-embedded lines must be in place.

In addition, you can use the multi-purpose live plug of the live plug, so as to avoid the situation of compensation for a large part of the damage.

To reduce after-sales costs, we must start from the preliminary planning. I wish everyone a smooth order and full after-sales score.